Dr. Alyesa

In 2008 I almost quit. After practicing as a therapist in children’s mental health for almost 6 years I was burnt out, discouraged and disillusioned with our mental health system and the attitudes of helping professionals towards people facing challenging situations. I realized then that the way that I was practicing as a therapist needed to change so I began searching for a technique or intervention that approached people and their problems in a more optimistic way. Eventually I attended my first Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) workshop at the University of Toronto. This experience changed not only my practice but the way that I live my life.

Unlike many of the more traditional, medical model forms of psychotherapy, SFBT believes that change happens not by identifying root causes or understanding the history of the problem, but by helping people to develop a clearer vision of how they want to be living their life in the present and future. Sometimes problems seem overwhelming and impossible to overcome, but SFBT recognizes that all people, regardless of their current situation bring with them strengths, resources and values that have helped them in the past. SFBT attempts to mobilize these resources to shift both attitudes and behavior. As an SFBT therapist my hope is that when people leave a session they feel energized and optimistic about what the future holds.

Since 2008 I have experienced my life and work through an SFBT filter. I am currently a certified SFBT therapist and have begun sharing my passion by teaching and supervising other therapists. I have also studied mindfulness and trained as a a yoga teacher in order to better understand the art of paying attention to what is wanted instead of being distracted by past experiences or unhelpful thoughts that might be getting in the way of people’s hopes and dreams. I am very excited to bring my passion and skills to the Waterdown Clinic and look forward to meeting with you.

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