Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Mary Peric BSc, ND

As a new mother to a beautiful baby girl, I’ve gained a renewed appreciation for the power and healing capacity of the human body, when it is supported with all the necessary tools. As a naturopathic doctor, I’m passionate about making healthy lifestyle choices for my family and I encourage all my patients to do the same. I focus my practice on understanding each patient’s unique health story, identifying potential patterns of imbalance and disease and developing a customized treatment plan to achieve their short and long term health goals. I enjoy helping my patients realize their potential for health and supporting them through their journey to recovery and health optimization.

After years suffering with symptoms due to poor digestion and hormonal imbalances, I was thrilled to discover naturopathic medicine and utilize its therapies. I have a personal and special interest in helping individuals with digestive concerns as well as helping women with their reproductive health. Having recently given birth (at home!) to my first child, I’ve become very passionate about making the best choices for a healthy pregnancy, natural and empowering labour & delivery and a happy, healing transition into motherhood and the postpartum period.

I welcome all patients to my family practice. Conditions I’ve treated include hypothyroidism, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome, digestive concerns (including IBS, GERD, bloating, IBD/colitis, food sensitivities/intolerances etc), menstrual irregularities & PMS, unexplained infertility, PCOS, acne, eczema/psoriasis, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances, among others and of course, promotion of general good health.

When I’m not at the clinic, I enjoy sharing my passion for naturopathic medicine with family, friends and those who gather at the various talks and seminars I host within the community. I love to educate others on complementary healthcare options and share my personal and clinical experiences as a naturopathic doctor, wife and new mother. Of course, I do my best to live a balanced life, and that includes my passion for spending time with family and friends, keeping active and travelling!

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