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Dr. Teri Jaklin BA, ND It seems like yesterday that I took the decision to step out of the frantic corporate world to put my life on a different path. Through the trials and tribulations of that journey came a confidence that I was doing the right thing. That was 1997, I started the clinic in Waterdown in 2002, and am as passionate about my work now as I was then.

Over the years, through advanced training in both Naturopathic and Functional medicine, my practice has been naturally drawn to more complex, chronic illness – troubling hormone, digestive and stress-related conditions, autoimmunity and especially Multiple Sclerosis.

In 1985 I was diagnosed (with MS) myself and sent home with a grave prognosis and no hope. I quickly began coaching people with MS and eventually returned to naturopathic medical school so that I could do more. I take my naturopathic commitment ‘docere’ (doctor as teacher) very seriously, every clinic visit has an element of learning and I love group work whether here, in the clinic or at a talk out in the community. The flip side is that I also love to learn and continue to do so at every opportunity. I am a staunchly traditional Naturopathic Doctor and over the past six years have been fascinated with the changes in the medical community. This led to my interest in Functional Medicine and in 2014 I completed the training and exam process to be certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine – which puts me right in the centre of the avalanche of current research that is so exciting but at the same time still so far from our regular doctors’ offices.

I feel privileged to work with countless men and women to reduce the impact of chronic illness on their lives. It’s not always easy but it is an incredible time of hope in healthcare. Working through the process of health recovery is empowering and builds a new understanding of health that not only changes your life but touches the lives of family, friends and community too.

If you are interested more in my personal story with MS, and to view a seminar on some good basics in MS care please journey over to

Dr. Jaklin is a proliferative writer and has contributed to numerous journals and expert blogs. As an accomplished speaker she uses humor and interaction to provoke thought and stimulate open discussion. Her speaking engagements include keynote addresses, corporate seminars, and healthcare symposiums.

Dr. Jaklin has been recognized by her peers in the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors as New Practitioner of the Year (2002) and is the recipient of an OAND leadership award (2011).

Since 2002 Dr. Jaklin and the Waterdown Clinic are grateful to receive annual People’s Choice Awards for their work.

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