Dr. Teri Jaklin ND is a leader in the management of Multiple Sclerosis and an enthusiastic Health Educator in this field.

Managing your health is a process, along the way in this process it is Dr. Jaklin’s primary objective to restore/maintain quality of life in living beyond the rut of a diagnosis. It is about much more than what you take and as much about what you do. While applying fundamental Naturopathic Medical philosophy to manage symptoms and address the the condition, it is Dr. Jaklin’s desire to work with you to impart new behaviours that will contribute to good health for a lifetime.

The process of recovery may include any of the following:

  • Evaluation of any existing medical reports (neurological, naturopathic and others)
  • A comprehensive nutritional evaluation with a specialized nutritional program developed by Dr. Jaklin.
  • Lifestyle recommendations and the coaching to make these important changes real.
  • Targeted basic supplementation.
  • Screening to determine food sensitivities and potential concurrent issues common in MS such as latent bacteria/parasite/viruses, heavy metals, candida, as well as digestive and hormone imbalance. Further testing is available if warranted.
  • Ongoing treatment plan directed at correcting imbalances specific to your specific situation with MS.

The net result is better symptom management and an improvement in the overall trajectory of the condition and, most importantly, instilling a confidence and empowerment that lasts a lifetime.

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If you are interested more in my personal story with MS, and to view a seminar on some good basics in MS care please journey over to
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